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Learn how Equatorial Marine Fuel (EMF) from On-prem NAV transform into Cloud-based Dynamics 365 Business Central and achieve >100% growth.

Oil & Gas
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Oil & Gas
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Equatorial Marine Fuel from
On-prem NAV to Cloud-based Dynamics 365 Business Central

A green ship out at sea
Written by
Jason Lim
Published on
17 January 2022

Who is the client and which industry?

Equatorial Marine Fuel is a leading marine fuel logistics company founded in 2000 and currently one of the top bunker suppliers, in terms of volume, at the world’s largest bunkering port of Singapore.

What does client do and their key activities business?

Equatorial is a leading oil trading and marine logistics company, recognised by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (“MPA”) as our country’s fourth largest supplier of marine fuel (viz., bunkers) by volume in 2019. Presently, Equatorial owns, operates and manages twenty-one (21) oil tankers. Equatorial’s key business activities, products and services include:
• Sale and Supply of Marine Fuel
• Oil Trading
• Ship Owning
• Ship Chartering
• Ship Management

Which functional business are facing challenges?

Accounting & Finance department, Operation & Inventory department.

What is the challenges facing by Accounting & Finance department?

• Lack of instant traceability on account receivables
• No notification of billing received after project completion
• Manual reporting of the finance team
• No direct access to inventory and pricing
• Lack of transparency between departments
• Time gap in communication between teams can lead to unintended additional costs from excess inventory or loss of potential clients
• Profit margins unaccounted for can lead to losses
• Important information miscommunicated due to loss of paper trails
• Inaccurate projections on costing due to inaccurate price updates.

What is the challenges facing by Operation & Inventory department?

• No timely inventory visibility of warehouse from the main office
• Duplicate work and long processing in updating the inventory
• Under utilise manpower and recourses
• Challenges with coordinating delivery planning
• Loss of potential business opportunities due to slow reaction time in providing quotations
• Tedious tracking of past projects through paper trials.

How J&P Consulting has helped EMF to resolve the challenges?

In order to overcome these presented challenges, a more holistic solution is to be implemented. A system is needed to care for financial reporting, sales, purchasing and inventory management, project management as well as customer relations. A potential program that can serve these functions would be the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central program provided by J&P Consulting.

What are the key objectives to achieve?

The key objective for implementing this business solution by Microsoft is to aid Equatorial in its business processes by improving its distribution and supply chain management. Profit margins can now be closely managed, costs related to purchasing can be quickly reflected to sales and marketing, inventory would be timely updated and logistical actions can be better planned for. The system will enable an audit trial and minimising on the human error.

How does business challenges being addressed?

By implementing business solution using Microsoft Dynamics Business Central & Jet Reports, J&P Consulting manage to help EMF to:
• Process re-engineering
• Increase or maintain productivity
• Model business for the future
• Position the organisation for growth

What are the results achieved particular to Inventory Management?

• Complete visibility of stock quantities across all locations for better planning and control
• All products are accounted for to minimize cost on excess storage
• Centralized platform for storage of documentations to aid in auditing processes
• Aids in the planning of optimum stock holding and better account for shipment lead time.

What are the results achieved particularly to Pricing and Profit Control?

• Centralised data base would allow for a more efficient price planning to cater to various customers and target markets. Here prices can be easily compared to costs before determining the best price options
• Weighted average inventory costing method would allow for a more accurate capturing of costing, profitability and cost reporting
• Customer credit control and approval mechanism ensures effective credit risk management for the especially in current challenging markets
• Higher Level Customer Service
• On time delivery
• Track record on customer’s buying history which includes products purchased and prices at which it was purchased at
• Sales team would have relevant information to determine specific product interest of customers
• Critical information such as stock availability, prices and relevant notes will be made known to the sales team
• Data is made available to employees’ hand held devices, empowering them to provide quality service on the go
• Access to real time financial and operational information would allow for quick performance review and enable decision making.

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“Delivers the Results!”

We are very fortunate to find, engage and work with Jason for the upgrading and restructuring of our company's ERP system. His experience and expertise in the product, along with the ability to quickly understand particularities of our industry have been critical to the success of the project. Responsive and responsible throughout the implementation and post-implementation support. Delivers the results! Looking forward to our continued cooperation!

Profile picture of Sheen Mao Choong, Managing Director at Equatorial Marine Fuel
Sheen Mao Choong
Managing Director at Equatorial Marine Fuel (EMF)