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Why ERP Implementation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

• A comprehensive business management that connect sales, service, finance, and operations to work smarter, adapt faster, and perform better.
• Help businesses reduced costs and increased overall efficiency.
• Confidently move to the cloud with the operational speed, performance, and insights needed to make your business vision a reality.
• Available licensing options to choose the capabilities that are right for your business.

Cloud licensing with Microsoft 365

Microsoft Cloud products and solutions are industry leaders on their own, but they’re even better when used together. Gain new efficiencies by uniting Azure, Microsoft Security, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and industry solutions.

With that, it helps your organisation reach its full potential by relying on an integrated and open cloud platform that spans six critical areas—security, infrastructure, digital and app innovation, data and AI, business applications, and modern work.

Jet Reports: All Your Financials Inside of Excel with the Click of a Button

Quickly and easily generate timely, accurate financial reports in the format that works for you, right inside of Excel. Always have the answers you need by drilling down to see the source data and enjoy the freedom to focus on other tasks while your reports run and distribute automatically.

Jet Analytics: Business Analytics for Instant Data-Driven Decisions

Turn data into valuable insight with visually stunning dashboards and reports designed to help you quickly identify trends, spot anomalies, and fix problems. Eliminate the need to understand the underlying data structure and gain rapid time-to-value through pre-built cubes and a data warehouse.

Continia Document Capture: Avoid errors & save time approval with workflow automated

• Eliminate tedious and repetitive manual data entry with Document Capture’s intelligent OCR.
• Automate your entire account payable by streamlining your invoice process from start to finish.
• Cut down on your confusion, avoid errors, and ensure consistency with Document Capture's automatic three-way matching.
• Document Capture's digital archive fully indexes and preserves your data, making it easily searchable.
• Solutions that are BUILT INSIDE Business Central are fully embedded in your existing platform, easy to implement, and cheaper to maintain.

Power Platform: Connect to Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 to build end-to-end business solutions.

Microsoft Power Platform is a low-code tools that accelerate innovation and reduce costs as you analyse data, automate processes, and build apps, websites, and virtual agents.

Power BI

Make informed, confident business decisions by putting data-driven insights into everyone’s hands.

Power Apps

Turn ideas into organisational solutions by enabling everyone to build custom apps that solve business challenges.

Power Pages

Quickly build low-code business websites for delivering vital information and services to your customers.

Power Automate

Boost business productivity to get more done by giving everyone the ability to automate organisational processes.

Acronis Cyber Protect: Safeguard your data from any threat

• Acronis Cyber Protect is the only cyber protection solution that natively integrates data protection and cybersecurity.
• By running Acronis Cyber Protect in the Acronis Cloud, you can deliver advanced cyber protection to every endpoint in any location.

J&P Vertical Add-ons

As a partner of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, J&P leverage this robust ERP solution for our implementations. What sets us apart is our ability to provide additional value through our J&P verticals — that extend the capabilities of the original Business Central software — to tailor the ERP system to match your specific requirements.

J&P Financials

Get ready to conquer the financial world with our vibrant global template management solution! Seamlessly streamline currency exchange rate updates and G/L account creation across multiple legal entities in Business Central. Brace yourself for the thrill of enhanced features like exchange rate management, accounting schedule optimisation, and realised bank revaluation solutions. Experience the magic of streamlined financial operations like never before, and embark on a lively journey towards financial success! Read more

J&P Project Accounting

Project accounting management solution that provides an end-to-end sales quote-to-job solution and optimises projects through comprehensive overview of your project budget and requirement analysis. Start tracking your project cost and BA requirement documentation all in a single platform today! Read more

J&P Automotive

Revolutionising the automotive industries, J&P Automotive presents a tailor-made, all-in-one solution for optimising vehicle management, dealership operations, and after sales services. Transform your automotive business processes and take the wheel of control with ease, as everything converges onto a unified platform!

J&P Procurement

Consolidate your entire procurement process and documents into a single, powerful platform with J&P Procurement! From purchase requisitions and approval workflows to managing financials through G/L budget checks, we've got all your procurement needs covered. Carefully scrutinize vendors throughout the bidding and selection process, and effortlessly record your evaluations on ourAdjudication form, all within the same platform! Accelerate your procurement process, secure a reliable vendor, and heighten your business's success today!

J&P Oil & Gas

Step aboard and discover our one-of-a-kind solution, specially designed for businesses in the oil and gas industry. With our productive platts price mechanisms and trading system, we adeptly manage daily price fluctuations. Join us as we unveil a range of solutions catering to diverse price indexes and categories, incorporating various pricing methods such as around stop-start pump date and time, as well as whole month average on nomination date!

J&P Analytics

Experience the future of data management with Ready-Made Cubes! Create and access your data warehouse effortlessly, write captivating reports on Excel, and enjoy visually stunning dashboards on the go. Supercharge your data processes and take your insights to exhilarating new heights!

J&P Distribution

Introducing J&P Distribution - the comprehensive end-to-end Supply Chain Management solution. We've got you covered across the entire supply chain, from retail to wholesale and distribution channels! Alleviate inventory and financial headaches, especially for companies handling consignment products. Our tailored solution takes care of it all! With barcode, serial number, and stock tracking, managing your inventory becomes a breeze! Embrace unprecedented efficiency and witness your business thrive!

J&P HR Management

Experience the ultimate efficiency with our seamless J&P HR management solution. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and welcome a streamlined process that empowers employees to request time off anytime, anywhere, while providing managers with the convenience to review and approve requests on the go! Start tracking leave entitlement effortlessly, all on a single platform, and maximize productivity today!

J&P Donation Management

With J&P Donation Management, get ready to experience the transparency you've always desired in managing donations and make a real impact! Effortlessly keep track of all donations collected and pending, ensuring every contribution is accounted for. Unleash the true potential of your initiatives with J&P and soar to new heights in the world of effective fundraising! Let's ignite the spark of change together and make a difference like never before!

J&P CRM Management

Unlock the full potential of your marketing strategies with J&P CRM Management! With just one click, send EDMs and effortlessly track conversions, allowing you to sit back and watch your success unfold! Bid farewell to the headaches of fee collection and membership maintenance – leave it all to us! Our fee management solution ensures maximum efficiency and smooth operations. Take charge of your success and watch your growth skyrocket!
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In today's fast-paced digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking efficient solutions that integrate data, enable real-time decision-making, and provide exceptional customer service.

At J&P, we utilise Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as a powerful and effective business management system that seamlessly brings together various aspects of an organisation, digitally transforming workplaces, and automating and streamlining business processes. Contact us and explore how to achieve your business requirements today!

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